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Valuable Insights Into The Physician Practices Across Different Specialties – IPANELASIA Physician Panel

Our local expertise has allowed us reach low incidence specialties and has helped us blend panel sample from multiple sources and eliminate the bias emerging from limited source of recruitment.

Proven expertise in the healthcare segment and Our Customized incentive system ensures that the physicians are inclined to give valuable insights at their ease. The IPANELASIA physician panel comprises of almost all the major specialties and sub specialties across Asia. Targeted sampling can help drill down into the physicians various attributes and customize the sample to reach the population of interest. Our Sampling solution ensures that panel is the representative sample of the general physician population of the respective country.

IPANELASIA Physician Panel:- Physicians are extensively profiled on various attributes including the below:



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Key Attributes

Specialty Hospital Name
Sub specialty  Hospital Type
Years of experience Hospital Size
Number of Patients per week Qualification