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Extensively Profiled Data To Reach Panelists With Different Disease – IPANELASIA Patients

Our expertise in the healthcare segment has helped us reach hard to find groups and get actionable data for our clients. With IPANELASIA Patients panel you can reach a vast pool of patients across Asia quickly and cost effectively.

High retention rate of our panelist makes it feasible to run tracker studies on our panelists. Data confidentially agreement makes our panelist open up more online & give real insights.

Extensively profiling select panel members we have captured a wide range of attributes including.

Key Attributes  
Disease    Prescription Details
Since When Dosage Details
Allergies Addiction
Health Insurance  
Further segmentation on people suffering chronic illness such as  
Cardio Vascular                ENT
Cancer  Kidney
Diabetes Skin & Hair
Infectious Disease                          Bones, Muscles & Joint Pain
Physiological illness       Other illness