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B2B Online Panels

Extensively Profiled Research Only Online Panels - IPANELASIA Business to Business The volume of B2B transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C transactions. IPANELASIA provides you with quick, cost effective & quality solutions reaching out this important segment through our Business to Business panel.

Targeted Recruitment

B2B panelists join through our industry accepted double opt in recruitment and undergoes IPANELASIA's validation. IPANELASIA validation and consistency check assures elimination of "professional respondents "and guarantee high integrity panels. We do not use incentives to tempt Panelists join our panel. Instead we have customized our incentive system for specialty panelists and reward them with research reports & other relevant incentives.

IPANELASIA continues to be an incredible source of highly engaged and active online panel members to the market research industry. Our local presence in most of the Asian countries allows our client reach the low incidence groups in this region.

With millions of panelists, the IPANELASIA Business to Business online panel sample base consists of a wide variety of industries, company sizes, business titles, company volume etc. to target B2B segment on key parameters such as below.

Industry Type            Business Title
Company Size (Number of Employees) Employment Status
Company Name Involvement Purchase Process
Years in Business Influence Purchase Decision Making
Company Revenue (In USD) Company Location



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