"Digital data collection agency across Asia Pacific & Middle East"







IPANELASIA is a Digital Data Collection Agency across Asia Pacific & Middle East leveraging technology deliver authentic, reliable & valid research data efficiently and cost effectively.

IPANELASIA allows you access active and highly engaged pool of online panel members across Asia & Middle East. Our response to the ever changing market research requirements has established ourselves as an online panel provider with customized panels in various segments and sub segments.

Leverage our superlative efforts in building online panels and our local expertise across Asia & Middle East to efficiently and effectively reach the low incidence groups over the internet.

IPANELASIA operates online consumer panels and online specialty panels in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malayasia, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Kuwait and is one of the leading online panel provider in those key regions.  



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